Why Reviewers and Stage Producers should Submit Proposals?

At the previous Agile Alliance conferences, the conference chair and program chairs were barred from submitting any sessions. If the reviewers or stage producers submitted a proposal, there was a special protocol to review such sessions. 

However at the Agile India 2012 conference, we feel that everyone should be treated the same way. Hence everyone should be eligible to submit a proposal. If they go through the normal review process, they would get a sense of how the overall review process is working. 

Our hope is that by being on the receiving side of the review system, everyone will be more empathetic and inclusive. And in the process, improve the review system. 

Rationale: Eat your own dog food.

People can certainly misuse this process. However our philosphy is that we don’t like to punish the majority for the minority (people who want to game the system.)

Transparency, openess and trust goes a long way.

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