Group Discount or Bulk Registration?

I’m sorry, we don’t offer any bulk registration or group discounts.

There are few reasons for this:

  • Already Subsidized Cost: The per person cost at the conference comes up to Rs. 16,000. However we are charging a much lower price to make the conference affordable to a large section of interested audience. We are hoping that sponsorship will cover the remaining cost. Giving a further discount on this already subsidized cost is difficult.
  • Equal Opportunity: We only have 700 spots at the conference and we want to give every company an opportunity to send representatives.
  • TDS: If we have many attendees from the same company, then the company might want to deduct TDS (Tax Deducted at Source.) As you know Agile Software Community of India is a registered non-profit body. So handling all the TDS related stuff is very complex for us.

Look forward to meeting you at the conference.

Why is the Submission System still open?

According to the conference website, Oct 24th was the due date for the JIT Submissions. However, if I go the the submission system, it is still open. I can still propose sessions. What does this mean?

Correct, JIT Submissions were closed on Oct 24th. However we’ve decided to leave the submission system open till Nov 21st, just in case, some very interesting/vaulable sessions are proposed. 

We believe this would give people, who missed the deadline, an opportunity to propose a session. And if they do have something really valuable to contribute to the community, at least we have an option to consider it.

Having said that, we’ll not be obliged to review and accept those proposals. Each stage producers will have the final say for their respective stages. 

Session Breakup of Submissions Received by JIT Submission Deadline

As you might be aware the JIT Submissions are closed. We are very happy with the response we’ve got so far.

Totally we’ve received 241 submissions.

Following is the stage wise breakup of the proposals:

stage wise breakup

Following is the breakup according to the levels (very happy to see a large number of sessions in the practicing space):

Level wise breakup

Following is the breakup according to the session types: (again not surprised to see a large number of talks):

Session Type Breakup

Lastly, the duration wise breakup of the sessions:

Duration wise breakup

Also we’ve received 22 research papers from the following countries. Selected papers will be published by IEEE Publications.

Research Stage

Also, we are happy to have totally 184 unique presenters (159 primary presenters and 38 secondary presenters.) 

Currently we are reviewing all these proposals. You should see the final list by end of November.