Agile India 2013 Conference Food Menu

Lunch Menu

27th Feb – Indian 28th Feb – European 1st March – Oriental 2nd March – Italian
Soup Soup Soup Soup
Drumstick Soup Cabbage Chowder Sweet Corn Veg Soup Classic Ministroni
Salads Salads Salads Salads
Kachumber Salad Greek Salad Spicy Glass Noodle Salad Mix Grilled Vegetable Anti Pasti
Dahi Gujjia Hawain Chicken Salad Kimchi Salad Mushroom Escabeche
Mix Bean Salad Pasta Salad With Creamy Pesto Oriental Veg Salad With Raw Pappaya Cannalini Beanse Salad
Curd Rice/Papad/Pickle Bread /Butter Curd Rice/Papad/Pickle Bread /Butter
Main Course Main Course Main Course Main Course
Murgh Makhani Grilled Chicken With Creamy Peppercorn Sauce Kung Pao Chicken Chicken Fiorenina
Malai Kofta Lazagnia Vegetable Stir Fry Tofu In Green Curry With Thai Basil Vegetable Pot Au Feu
Paneer Butter Masala Gratinated Potato Stir Fried Vegetable In Black Bean Sauce Carrot And Potato Lazagna
Aloo Muter Three Bean Ragout Cauliflower Manchurian Egplant Parmangiana
    Schezuan Fried Rice Spinach And Riccota Crispelle
Yellow Dal Tadka Dal Panchamel Arhal Dal Tadka Hare Moong Dal
Makkai Pulao Peas Pulao Bhuna Pyaz Aur Pudina Ki Pulao Onion Jeera Ki Pulao
Asst Indian Breads Asst Indian Breads Asst Indian Breads Asst Indian Breads
Desserts Desserts Desserts Desserts
Shahi Tukda Mango Mouse/Chocolate Truffle Pinapple Crumbkle Tiramisu
Asst French Pastries Mud Cake Asst Mousses Pineapple Pastries
Ice Cream With Condiments Ice Cream With Condiments Ice Cream With Condiments Ice Cream With Condiments

Dinner Menu

28th Feb – International 1st March – Middle Eastern
Soup Soup
Tom Yum Kai Soup Soup E Murgh
Cream Of Tomato With Basil Pesto Ash E Sabzi
Salads Salads
German Style Pasta And Ham Salad Hammus/Pita Bread
Tomato And Bocconcini Salad Fetoush
Fattouch Salad Babaganoch
Shakrkand Ki Chat Burani Spinach
Semiya Bagala Bhath Curd Rice
Papad/Pickle Papad/Pickle
Main Course Main Course
Gosht Awaadhi Korma Iranian Mix Grill
Paneer Kundan Kaliyan Vegetable Skewer On Saffron Rice
Gobhi Mutter Pudhinawali Ghoresht Bamia
Spinach Corn Gratin Vegetable Saloona
Dal Makhani Komeh Sabzi
Subz Dum Biryani Zereshk Polo
Hing Methi Ki Chote Aloo Potato Gratine
Asst Indian Breads Asst Indian Breads
Desserts Desserts
Hot Chocolate Mud Pie Om Ali
Seasonal Fresh Cut Fruits Asst Melons
Kesar Rasamalai Rosugolla
Ice Cream With Condiments Ice Cream With Condiments
Snacks Snacks
Aloo Mutter Samosa Falafel
Muter Kismiss Ki Tikki Shish Tawook
Fish Finger With Tartar Sauce Spanokopita
Hariali Paneer Tikka Kubedeh
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About Naresh Jain

Naresh Jain is an internationally recognized Technology & Product Development Expert. Over the last decade, he has helped streamline the product development practices at many Fortune 500 companies like Google, Amazon, HP, Siemens Medical, GE Energy, Schlumberger, EMC, CA Technologies, to name a few clients. These days, he is more focused on engineering excellence and product innovation. In a nutshell, hire him as a consultant/mentor, if your entire organization wants to move beyond the Agile and Lean mindset. Naresh is leading two tech-startups, which build tablet-based adaptive educational apps for kids, conference management software and social-media search tool. His startups are trying to figure out the secret sauce for blending gamification and social learning using the latest gadgets. Naresh founded the Agile Software community of India, a registered non-profit society to evangelize Agile, Lean and other Light-weight Software Development methods in India. Naresh is responsible for conceptualizing, creating and organizing 50+ Software conferences worldwide.