Agile India 2017 Speaker Announcements

Conference planning is in full-gear and we have just released the first list of speakers for Agile India 2017.

We will be interviewing a number of speakers leading up to the conference.

Our first was with Woody Zuill where we delved into the topics of #noestimates and Mob Programming. Woody tells the story of how the #noestimates movement originated and goes into depth on the potential benefits of Mob Programming.

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Upcoming interviews:

  • Esther Derby – Co-Author of “Agile Retrospectives:Making Good Teams Great” and “Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management”
  • Benji Portwin & Joakim Sundin – Agile Coaches @ Spotify
  • Evan Leybourn – Author of “Directing the Agile Organisation”

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