World’s First Agile Job Fair at Agile India 2014 Conference

Come, join the very FIRST Agile Job Fair in the World!

A platform dedicated for the Agile practitioners to meet their potential Agile employers.

Agile India Job Fair is being organised by Agile Software Community of India, a registered non-profit society. We have been running conference and other events in India since 2004. This job fair is on the very next day, after our international conference – Agile India 2014, which attracts about 1000 international participants.

Why a job fair?

Agile methods have become mainstream and they are here to stay. In India, many companies are having a hard time finding needles in the haystack .i.e. finding really good Agile practitioners from a whole lot of posers.

The few, really good practitioners out there, have a similar problem. Every company wants to hire Agile people, but are they ready? Do they really believe in Agile culture and even have an agile mindset?

Many practitioners want to talk to real people from the company to really understand the culture of the organisation and the nature of the work.

Browsing the classifieds or surfing the Internet or talking to headhunters (recruiting companies) can only get you so far.

To solve this problem, we are creating a first-of-its-kind, unique opportunity where job-seekers can meet several top Agile employers face-to-face under one roof, clarify their doubts, interview with potential companies and also socialise with other candidates.

Walk-In to explore a gamut of Agile career opportunities with the best Agile employers in India.

What kind of candidates would this event attract?

We have a database of 56,512 software professionals from top companies in India. We will market this event to all these folks. However, who will attend will largely depend on the kind of companies that will be participating to hire candidates. We would filter the companies, to make sure only top companies are part of this event and hence ensure that we would be able to attract really good practitioners.

What can a participating Company (Employer) do to attract participants?

Seeing is believing! So we would strongly suggest you give participants a glimpse of your work culture. May be, you can setup a pair-programming station and project the programming session on a large screen. May be, you can setup a story card wall. You can showcase the nature of hard problems your company is solving. Run a slideshow of pictures from your office. Just get creative!

What is the cost to participate?

This is a non-profit event. There are 2 major costs, the hall rental and the cost of setting up stalls. We would pass the actual cost to the companies. Our estimate is 35,000-50,000 INR per company. And we are planning to keep it free for Job Seekers (Agile Practitioners) to attend.

Exclusive Event: Get FREE agile career counseling and coaching from Naresh Jain, the founder of the Agile movement in India.

Sounds interesting? Fill the form to participate…Agile Job Fair

Importance of Writing an Experience Report or Case Study

For the Agile India 2014 Conference, we’ve asked all the speakers who have proposed Experience Reports or Case Studies, to write a 2-5 page report summarising their experience.

Here’s the guidelines we’ve given to the speakers to make sure the written report serve the intended purpose:

  • Tells clear story
  • Describes the context at the start of the story
  • Includes a synopsis of outcomes of the experience: qualitative results & quantitative results
  • Discusses specific insights you or your team gained through this experience
  • Describes successes and challenges at individual/team/org levels
  • Clear takeaway for the audience
  • (Optional) What’s the future plan as the experience continues.

What is the intended purpose of these reports anyway?

Following is the rationale for asking the report to be submitted before the conference:

  • Experience reports get 30 mins slots during the conference, while case studies get 45 mins. Clearly both these durations are not sufficient to cover the topic in detail. However increasing the duration means less number of speakers get an opportunity to share their experience and it also incurs other risks. Hence that was not an option. So as a balancing act, we want the speakers to write a 2-5 page document which captures the context of their experience, provide more finer details and hence set the platform for someone to get maximum value by attending the their presentation.
  • During the proposal selection process, we had to covert many longer duration sessions to 30-mins experience report. We asked the speakers to primarily focus on 1-3 key aspect of their experience and use their report to give the broader context and cover other details. This will ensure each presentation is impactful.
  • Since the conference has 3 parallel tracks, attendees will have to choose one session to attend. Generally, what we’ve seen is that the attendees would prefer attending a session delivered by an Industry recognised expert because they are sure of the quality of the session. However via these reports, if we can show the “trailer of the movie” if you will, we believe, we would be able to attract the right set of audience to these session. We are less concerned about the quantity of attendees, we are more interested in the quality of the attendees. And we sincerely expect that these reports will help the attendees come more prepared to these sessions.
  • While we really want to make these reports as interesting as possible for the attendees, we are also aware that not many people will read the paper before the conference. However, the few who will, will want to attend the talk to ask specific questions and get more clarity on certain concepts. Also they will help us market the presentation and encourage others to attend the talk.
  • Post the conference, attendees can point others to this report as a starting point.
  • Building a knowledge base via these reports is very important for the wider Agile community. As it allows many more people (beyond the conference) to learn. Getting people to write such reports outside the conference is relative challenging. Hence capturing this knowledge via the reports before the conference is important.

In fact, the report is as important as presenting at the conference. Hence we will be reject all proposals, which fail to submit the report on time.

Agile India 2014 Confirmed Invited Speakers as of Sep 5th 2013

Online Registratrions open for all 3 Agile India Conferences

Register for the three existing conferences coming up in India:

1. Agile Goa 2013 – Our 6th Annual Conference in Goa
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Limited seats available, register today at:

2. Agile Kerala 2013 – FIRST ever Agile and Lean Conference in Kerala. Check out our Planned Program
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3. Agile India 2014 – Asia’s Premier and Largest conference on Agile and Lean Methods. Get an opportunity to meet Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Dave Snowden, Ash Maurya and many other thought leaders…

We launched the online registration on Sep 2nd at 10:00 AM. In a matter of 40 mins, the entire Super Early Bird Registration Slab of 100 tickets was completely SOLD OUT. This is the best response we’ve got in the last 9 years of organizing these conferences.

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Agile India: 4 New Exciting Conferences Coming Up…

Agile Software Community of India is happy to announce 4 new exciting conferences.


* Agile Coach Camp is an unconference for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Agile Trainers, Leaders, Change Agents and Mentors. (Last coach camp in June was completely sold out 2 weeks in advance. Since we had a waiting list of 43 coaches, we’ve organized another coach camp in July. Last few seats left – register today –


* Agile Goa 2013 conference is our 6th Agile Conference in Goa. It will be held at Taleigao Community Centre, Panaji.
Interested in presenting at the conference? Submit your speaker proposals before July 31st. More details:
We are also looking for program reviewers, if interested find details at


* Agile Kerala 2013 conference is the FIRST ever Agile and Lean Software Development Conference in Kerala. It will be held at Park Centre, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum.
Interested in presenting at the conference? Submit your speaker proposals before August 31st. More details:
We are also looking for program reviewers, if interested find details at


* Agile India 2014 conference is Asia’s largest & premier international conference on Agile and Lean Software Development methods. Unlike previous years, next year, each day has a specific theme. Also each day is a stand-alone event and participants can register for 1 or more days. We’ll limit the participants to max 500 on each day to ensure higher collaboration.
Based on consistent feedback, in 2014, we’ll focus on have more practitioners sharing their Case Studies and Experience Report.

** Day 1 – Scaling Agile Adoption
** Day 2 – Offshore/Distributed Agile
** Day 3 – Agile Lifecycle
** Day 4 – Beyond Agile

Currently we are forming the program team. You can apply before June 30th to be a reviewer.

Conference overview presentation: slideshare or PDF

Stay tuned for more…